Writing from the Chakras is a program designed by writer and arts educator, Debra Leigh Scott, which provides an experiential journey through the body’s most deeply held knowledge in order to discover, at those deep levels, the wellspring of highly personal and unique creativity.

An award-winning, published writer and playwright, Debra has been an arts educator  running popular creative writing workshops, both privately and at universities for over twenty-five years.  She is also a scholar of world religions, spending over twenty-five years in both academic and experiential learning. As a professor of Humanities, she taught classes in spirituality and world religions for twenty-five years.

Writing From the Chakras is a unique program which is born from the combination of both of these areas of Debra’s expertise — the creative and the spiritual/experiential.  Debra will lead her workshop participants through the practices necessary for opening the centers of energy in our bodies – the chakras.  Using a combination of guided breathwork, yoga, hand mudras, meditation and other experiential practices, participants will free creative energy in a variety of ways, in order to unshackle the deepest and most unique forms of creative expression an artist can discover.  No previous experience of any of these practices is necessary.

Debra provides the Writing From the Chakras program in either a week-long workshop format, a one-weekend intensive format, or in private session.  She also offers private tutoring and individual mentoring. For more information, or to arrange workshops or private sessions, please write writingfromthechakras@gmail.com.






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