Experiential Creativity

Most artists know that there is a special state of consciousness that we can sometimes access which provides a rich and exciting flow of creativity. This is true of visual artists, writers, actors, dancers — all disciplines of artist are known to have experienced this. It is sometimes called “the zone”. How often and how well we can access this zone differs widely. What makes the difference between artists? There are many reasons for differences. But the one that this blog will address most frequently is the reason of blocked energy within our physical body. The stress of day to day living in the modern world assaults our health in many ways. Our bodies are much more vulnerable than might be imagined; they absorb toxins from the environment, emotional stress, chemicals from our food, our medicines, the material world. All of this creates blockage in the flow of energy, including the flow of creative energy. Too often, we misunderstand the sources of creativity, thinking that it comes from the mind, locating our creative strength in the mind alone. That isn’t true. The entire body has a variety of intelligences, from which creative energies can flow. This is understood by the ancient teachings in yoga; it is also understood by Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the west, the body’s intelligence is not understood in quite the same ways. The dependence on pharmaceuticals, for instance, disconnects western understanding from the body’s own genius. Two schools of western psychology stand alone in discussing the ways in which energy is blocked in the body, and how that blockage impacts the quality of life. Core Energetics and Bio-Energetics discuss the need to heal through release of the blocks within our physical body as the most crucial ways to release blocks in our behavior and our minds. Writing From the Chakras is a program which uses the ancient teachings and practices about the body’s energy system not only to improve physical and emotional health, but to access the wellspring of creative energies to be found in the body’s deep intelligence. This blog will be the place of discussion – about creativity, about experiential work, about that intersection between creativity, spirituality and healing which is the most magical of crossroads. Please feel free in your comments to suggest ideas, to ask questions, to respond and take part in the discussions.


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