“Writing from the Chakras” Weekend Intensive August 28-30, 2015

Founding Director, Debra Leigh Scott

Founding Director, Debra Leigh Scott

Our exciting “Writing from the Chakras” weekend intensive is being offered at the beautiful St. Raphaela Retreat Center in Haverford, PA from August 28 – 30, 2015, before we take the program on the road for a few months.

We are planning more weekend intensives in a variety of places: Boston, MA, Savannah, GA, Biddeford, ME, to name a few. Be sure you follow our blog here so that you will be notified as those dates and venues are announced.  Since costs vary depending on the venue, please be sure to write us, (subject “workshop”) at writingfromthechakras@gmail.com for the full details.

Our weekend intensive at the St. Raphaela Retreat Center begins at 6 p.m. Friday evening, August 28 and will wrap up at 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 30.
(For cost and registration, please email us at writingfromthechakras@gmail.com)

“Writing from the Chakras” is a program offered through Hidden River Arts, and designed by our Founding Director, writer and arts educator, Debra Leigh Scott. An award-winning, published writer and playwright, Debra has been an arts educator  running popular creative writing workshops, both privately and at universities for over 15 years.  She is also a scholar of world religions, spending over ten years in both academic and experiential learning.

“Writing From the Chakras” is a unique program which is born from the combination of both of these areas of Debra’s passion and expertise — the creative and the spiritual/experiential.  Participants are introduced to the chakra system, understood for thousands of years in Indian culture, and through the study of practices like yoga.  They are led gently through the understanding of what each chakra energy center holds, how to know if there is blockage or over-activity in each center, and how to balance each chakra.   Using a combination of guided breathwork, yoga, hand mudras, meditation and other experiential practices, participants will free creative energy in a variety of ways, in order to unshackle the deepest and most unique forms of creative expression an artist can discover.  No previous experience of any of these practices is necessary.

The exploration also includes guided creative work that allows each participant to discover the stories, the images, the experiences held in each area of your physical body.  By learning the language of the chakras, we not only learn how to address issues of healing, but how to “listen” to those stories, and to create from that place of wisdom.  No former experience is required for any of the work, all of which is quite easy-going and friendly.

“Writing From the Chakras” workshops can be offered in a variety of ways.  As a week-long workshop, participants meet once a day for a 3-4 hour session, then spend time privately working on the exercises, practices and writing activities.  As a weekend intensive workshop, participants meet from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, in workshops that include exercise, practice and writing activities.  Between the meetings, participants work on their exercises, practices and writing activities.

Both the week-long and weekend programs culminate in a wrap up of the work, with sharing of the creative work and the experiential journey. The program can also be designed for private tutoring or coaching. It’s always possible to tailor-make the program for private groups, including special needs populations.  To discuss bringing the program to your group, or for details on costs regarding our scheduled workshops, please email writingfromthechakras@gmail.com




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